Friday, September 25

Primo Angeli Workshop Week

Well we have almost made it through yet another week of classes here in Roma, and this one was crazy!  We had a special quest come this week to do a work shop with us on packaging design and his name is Primo Angeli.  I think I told you about him in the last post, but he was so awesome.  Funny, inspiring, and incredibly knowledgeable.  We worked in groups of four over the past four 3 days to completely recreate the identity of a product from an Italian supermarket.  My group was lots of fun and we chose to redesign the packaging and identity for a spice company called Italpepe... and inturn we became the Spice Girls ourselves.  (I of course was Baby Spice because of my blonde hair.)  We created a whole new look for our company, trying to make them appeal as a more upscale company with richer spices.  It has been a long three days with VERY LITTLE sleep trying to pull this project together, but the end product and presentation this morning was a success!  We wanted our product to be more enviornmently friendly, so we switched not only the shape and look of the package, but also the material from glass to bioplastic.  We also made the product work as a system and fit nicely into a kitchen cupboard.  These are just a few of our changes, but here are before and after pics of our product... we like ours a lot better!  Primo and all of our professors were extremely impressed with everyone's work and said that they have never worked with students that were so dedicated and advanced in their skills.  What a completement to our program and hard work!  We finished the morning with pictures and a little recpetion with Primo and his wife, Deeni.  She was so sweet, and before they left for the day, she gave me a hug and said in her sweet, soft accent, "You are so sweet and wonderful."  Ahh... what a great opportunity to work with such amazing people!

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