Monday, September 7


Well, I finally got my first set of Rome pics up!  I thought that I had taken a lot of pictures so far, but after compiling them, there doesn't seem like many at all!  I have another 100 days of picture taking, so I'm sure that I'll get plenty!  I made a few other updates on my blog as well.  Now, anyone can post comments.  You don't have to be a registared member and you don't have to type in a silly code.  Also, when it comes to the pictures, if you don't already know, you can click on the slideshow to view the pictures one by one on a bigger scale.  Just some quick notes... that's all I have for now.  Love from far away.

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  1. hope you had a great labor day. the photos are awesome! keep them coming. enjoy hearing and seeing your adventures. you are our eyes into a world we may never be able to see on our own. please continue to share your experiences. look forward to seeing more. cheri