Tuesday, September 1

We Made It To Rome!

Well, we finally made it to Rome Monday late morning. Everyone got their luggage with no problems so it was a success! Our apartment is quite nice, a lot better than we had thought it might be! It's extremely hot here, and I say that as I sit in the living room with sweat running down my face. It's also so noisy here! It's quite annoying actually to have to yell at someone sitting right next to you to even hear what they are saying! We are going to hope that it cools down very quickly so that we can close some of the windows a bit! I've quite homesick right now, not hardly eating or sleeping, so let's hope that goes away fast! I'm trying to think positive about things right now... that's all I can do at this point I guess! Pray for me to feel better because right now, Rome isn't all that I'd hoped! Miss everyone and love you too!


  1. Hey babycakes! Just pretend like you're in our old apartment with the air on full blast.... yelling at eachother as you sit beside one another on the couch will be like the old times :D It makes me sad to hear that you're homesick. I miss you TONS and I'm sure Trent is going crazy without you. It looks like you had a good time in Dublin! I can't wait til you get back and I get to hear all about everything (or if I get skype and get to chat with you... I miss your perty face:) ) A little note about my life - I was going crazy between work and school already so I no longer work at the cafe... sad news but I didn't really have a choice.

    Anyways, cheer up my little lady! You're in Rome!

    Love you lots and lots and lots!

  2. hi pumpkin, just hang in there, you can do it. you need to eat and sleeping is a must. you have to keep your strength up to fight the battle. try to concentrate on the studies and you won't have time to be homesick. we all miss you too. love you.